Educational Videos


WCVB Channel 5 News in Boston interviews Dr. Anne Hertzberg on the number one most chronic contagious childhood disease: cavities.

We all know that candy is bad for your teeth – but why? What other foods facilitate tooth decay? In this video, Dr. Anne Hertzberg explains everything you wanted to know about food that is bad or good for your teeth and your child's teeth.

We lose all our baby teeth, so there's no reason to care for them, right? Wrong. Dr. Amy Regen explains the crucial importance of early dental care to lifelong dental health and provides tips on soothing and caring for young mouths.

In this pediatric tutorial, Dr. Amy Regen explains how (and when and why) to floss your child's teeth.

In this pediatric tutorial, Dr. Anne Hertzberg explains how to brush your infant's or young child's teeth in order to establish a lasting oral health routine.

Dr. Debra Blattman discusses the pros and cons of at-home tooth-whitening products and outlines the process of professional chair-side whitening.

The educators at non-profit Smile Kentucky! explain how to measure the amount of sugar in snacks (and why you should). Video hosted by permission from Louisville Water Company, our generous partners in global dental health.