Dr. Andy Tibbitts
Andrew Tibbitts DDS
Associates (Murrieta, CA)

A current client of mine will be relocating to your area and wanted me to find a practice to suit their family’s needs. Based on your website and your online reviews, this looks like best practice for them. Keep your eyes open for the Jacobsen family!

Kim, 6 

My 6 year old had a huge cavity in her molar and we tried a dentist when we first moved here and something happened and she became petrified.  She also has ADHD which makes it even harder. This is our 4th dentist and there aren't words to describe how awesome they are at Chestnut Dental.  We had a few appointments to get her used to it and today they filled it and she even said it wasn't that bad.  I am so grateful to them!

Peter, 58

My kids were well taken care of at their visits. Your staff members are all so good at educating them on proper oral hygiene care. Very positive experience was had by all!

Chris, 40

All three of my kids have been going to Chestnut Dental since they learned how to brush. The enormous balloons they get at the end of a visit are always a big hit, and they can't wait to play with them at home (or, more often than not, right there in the office as I make their next appointments).

One day, after a cleaning, my 6-year-old asked if he could have three balloons instead of just one. He wanted to take the extras home for his little sister and older brother. The smiling hygienist happily agreed, and blew up pink and blue balloons in addition to his red one. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and grateful that the staff was kind enough to fulfill his request.

Maura F.

Our relationship with Chestnut Dental began a couple summers ago when our then 7-year-old had a cavity. We had been going to our regular dentist, and my daughter had so much angst when she went to the visit for the filling, they suggested seeing a pediatric dentist. A colleague of ours takes her kids to your practice and suggested we go see you. We can't say enough about Dr. Shusterman and the hygienists. They have an incredible "chair-side" manner with children – telling my daughters everything they are going to do and why they do it. We love the pre-check cleaning lesson at the little sinks before you go in the exam room. It really helps my girls take ownership of caring for their teeth. They now think of the visits as fun! I have complete trust in the care and approach of the team... I always tell them it is worth it to us to drive to Chestnut Dental in Needham for the care we get and for the experience the kids have.

Ryan, 7

[Dr. Amy Regen] was the nicest dentist I have ever had! At the end she gave me a sticker, a tattoo and a balloon!

Brooke, 14

In the past, I've had bad dental experiences. I've always been nervous and scared to go to the dentist. But ever since I've come to Chestnut Dental, I've been really comfortable going to the dentist. Every time I go there, they tell me the step-by-step procedure on what they're doing so it's not a surprise. Every experience I have at Chestnut Dental is my favorite, and now I'm looking forward to getting my braces on and having beautiful teeth and smile!

Alex, 10

One of my favorite things about Chestnut Dental is that they make you happy! They give you a goody bag with things for your teeth, stickers and a big balloon! I think there are no other dentists that can beat Chestnut Dental. :-)

Emma, 10

When I was 8 years old, I got sealants. I was nervous before I got it, but I had no reason to be. The lady who put it on was very nice, and I actually ended up getting both my top and bottom sets of teeth done!

Alison, 14

Seven years ago in June, I went to the dentist to get my first tooth pulled. The night before the appointment, I sat in bed crying, incredibly nervous and scared. The next day, my mom took me out of school early to drive me to the dentist. The 20-minute car ride seemed like eternity. As usual, my mom and I arrived early. We sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes. She bought me an activity book that had mazes, puzzles and much more. We sat next to each other completing each one. While I was doing them, all I could think of was getting my tooth pulled. Suddenly, the dental hygienist came in and called my name. She explained to us that Dr. Shusterman was going to "wiggle my tooth." I held back my tears, took my mom’s hand, and walked back to room where I was getting my tooth pulled. I sat down in the big, blue chair, and Dr. Shusterman came over. He told me how the procedure would go. He then asked me if I was nervous. I shook my head “yes.” He told me that he had talked to the Tooth Fairy, and she said that I would do just fine and I was going to get a big gift under my pillow. I was so amazed that Dr. Shusterman knew the Tooth Fairy! I thought, “Well, if the Tooth Fairy says it’s going to be okay, then it has to be fine.” My nerves were washed away with giddy excitement about what I was going to get under my pillow. This was definitely the best memory I have ever had at the dentist.